Resilient for Recovery

While Integrity House has faced its share of challenges through the years, no challenge has compared to the fight against the ongoing drug epidemic during COVID-19.

I remember asking myself, “Will Integrity House make it through this?” Well, the answer is yes. We, here at Integrity House, are Resilient for Recovery after all.


What’s possible when you take a leap of faith and believe in your ability to overcome? Julia is in recovery—happy, healthy, and hopeful. 


Torrance is receiving life-saving treatment, literally with his football in hand. He’s chosen to carry it around as a reminder of what’s at stake.


Assemblywoman Huttle highlights COVID-19’s impact on individuals battling addiction, and the importance of “empathetic and holistic care.”


Supporting addiction treatment and mental health services is now more important than ever. But why should you care?


Maggie has found a safe place to begin taking back what she once feared was permanently lost. She is rediscovering her sense of self.


It is a new year, and we here at Integrity House are feeling optimistic, humbled, and incredibly grateful. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Resilient for Recovery Supporters

Thanks to the support of our community, we have raised $81,761 to address COVID-related and other urgent agency needs.

Addeo, Polacco & Penta, LLC

Adelphi Research

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Andrea Wallace Biggs

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SandyHill Foundation

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The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation

The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey
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