What can I expect if I'm looking for treatment at Integrity House?


dignity & respect


client-centered & individualized recovery process

Support Network

credentialed addictions specialists & mental health professionals with passion & expertise

What can I bring to residential treatment?

Here's what you can bring to Integrity House


• 7 changes of clothes
• 7 changes of undergarments
• 2 pairs of shoes


• shampoo & soap
• toothbrush & toothpaste
• non-aerosol deodorant


• birth certificate
• social security card
• photo ID

What can I expect if my loved one is receiving treatment at Integrity House?

Scheduled Visitation

You will have the opportunity to see your loved one throughout their stay.

Support Network

You can be a part of their recovery process by attending family counseling.


You can expect your loved one's privacy to be a top priority and to receive information if they sign a release.