Success Stories

Mark’s Story

At age 17, Mark found himself on the steps of our Bate program. Coming from a broken home with two failed attempts at recovery and an arrest for drug possession, Mark was referred to Integrity House. Using drugs and alcohol from the age of 11, Mark was initially resistant to treatment, but he soon found a turning point thanks to counseling and the sense of community. Now 18, Mark is a graduate of the program, in recovery and awaiting the results of his GED examination. Mark plans on enrolling in community college and hopes to be a prosecutor one day.

Norm’s Story

Norm struggled with his 20-year addiction, in and out of treatment with limited skills to prevent relapse. Then he came to Integrity House. With many drug related criminal charges, a strained relationship with his family and an inability to secure a job or housing, he began treatment. Receiving the individualized treatment that he needed, Norm was able to acquire the tools necessary for sustainable recovery. His vocational counselor helped him land a temporary job which led to full-time employment. Now, Norm is able to be an involved and supportive father and grandfather.

Nicole’s Story

Nicole doesn’t remember a time when her mother wasn’t under the influence of alcohol. Simple tasks, like making dinner, became painfully difficult for Nicole’s mom to complete. Despite years of denial, the thought of not being present for Nicole’s upcoming wedding prompted her mom to enter a 30-day treatment facility. Although she relapsed immediately after leaving, Nicole encouraged her mom to attend outpatient treatment until her insurance ran out. In no condition to tackle her disease alone, Nicole found Integrity House where her mom was welcomed into an outpatient program despite her financial obstacles. Integrity has introduced her mom to many resources to help her sustain recovery. Nicole is grateful that her mom played an important role at her recent wedding.