Confidentiality & Privacy Statement

Integrity, Inc. respects your privacy and is dedicated to protecting your confidentiality at all times. Integrity, Inc. will take reasonable steps in ensuring that all personal healthcare information (PHI) is obtained in a matter that is considerate and secure. Any information that is voluntarily collected on our website will be used to develop or improve our programs and services; it will not be distributed or sold to any third-party marketing companies.

All PHI will be accessed and viewed only by appropriate Integrity, Inc. staff members. Integrity, Inc. will only disclose PHI if required by a court order or by a signed release of information (per 42 C.F.R. Part 2).

To contact us regarding the agency’s privacy practices, please contact us at:

Integrity, Inc.
103 Lincoln Park
PO Box 510
Newark, NJ 07102

If you believe that Integrity, Inc. has misused any of your information, please call us immediately at 973-623-0600.