What it Means to be Non-Profit of the Year

Kathleen Dedrick

By Kathleen Dedrick, Chief Financial Officer

In December of 2022, Integrity House was named Non-profit of the Year by NJBIZ. I went to the ceremony that morning, excited that our agency was among an incredible group of non-profits, not knowing that Integrity would be announced as the winning organization. One of the interesting things about Integrity House is our culture of humility. Integrity staff members go about their work in an unassuming, tireless way, focusing on serving our clients in the best way possible, even in adverse and challenging environments. Staff members do what is needed by putting their shoulders to the wheel.  We have some tremendously hardworking and talented staff members, but I can certainly testify that no one is here for fame and glory! 

It was fun to attend the NJBIZ ceremony and be out with colleagues and other nominees at an in-person gathering after many months of conducting our external interactions over a Zoom screen! So with Integrity’s characteristic modesty, we were at the awards ceremony, learning about the nominees and simply enjoying the chance to be out together in public. It was a complete surprise that we won our category, especially given the stature of the other nominees, many of whom we work with!

Being recognized as a company that has made significant contributions to help the state’s business community grow and prosper is a great honor and a milestone for Integrity. Perhaps more important is recognition of the high caliber of our staff and their expertise in helping individuals with substance use disorder recover and thrive.  Having our agency recognized helps raise awareness of the importance of treatment and the fact that high quality services, like Integrity’s, are available to all residents of New Jersey. Navigating behavioral health treatment can be difficult for impacted individuals and their families – they are often looking for services during times of very high stress. I hope that the visibility of the NJBIZ award will help more people understand that compassionate, affordable help is available at Integrity and other providers. Integrity has always had a great reputation in the field of addiction treatment. The opportunity to spread the word of our work to more individuals through the NJBIZ award is tremendous. 

I think Integrity House is an incredible place to work – as evidenced by my 15 years here! It is the longest I have ever been with one organization, and I have worked at some pretty special places in my career. The mission of recovery is inspiring, and the individuals who work here are dedicated, team-oriented professionals that take on huge challenges without flinching. I hope that the NJBIZ award will draw the attention of candidates seeking counseling positions and other opportunities to build their careers. While our salaries are in alignment with other non-profit jobs, we can’t always pay top dollar for talent. We can, however, offer growth, personal fulfillment, and the chance to make a real difference by providing exceptional services in a team environment. The award gives us a chance to show that excellence in business comes in all sectors, including community-based nonprofits like Integrity. Our agency is grateful to have been selected as a NJBIZ nonprofit award winner. 

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