Your Philanthropy Can Lead the Way to Better Health and Recovery

By Naima Briscoe, Senior Director of Development and Strategy

The end of the year is a special time. We excitedly look forward to what’s ahead but are also encouraged to reflect on the actions we’ve taken during the year. Have we acted with intention? Have we had an impact? Are we any closer to the person we strive to be? 

Like most fundraising executives, I’ve found myself reflecting on the role and value of philanthropy these past few months. Done with intention, philanthropic activities have the capacity to inspire movements and change the DNA of whole communities.  Philanthropy is also generative – when you give, you encourage others to give.  If you are contemplating making an impact through mindful philanthropy this time of the year, I’d like you to consider Integrity House.  

Here are some of Integrity House’s key areas of need:

  • Women’s Supportive Housing Program: Provides women and women with children with a safe place to land after completing treatment. Residents reside in fully furnished apartments and have access to case management and recovery services like education and employment readiness. There are no dedicated public funding sources for this. 
  • Men’s Supportive Housing Program: Provides safe housing for disabled men experiencing chronic homelessness. Residents reside in fully furnished apartments and have access to case management and recovery services like education and employment readiness.  There are no dedicated public funding sources for this. 
  • Support for individuals enrolled in outpatient treatment: Very often, the level of coverage provided by insurance companies/Medicaid is insufficient to cover the cost of care, particularly for individuals who have more complex needs. 
  • Women’s Wellness Center: A safe haven for women in recovery, the center provides educational and employment readiness activities as well as opportunities for positive and healthy recreation. The current grant that funds this will end in the spring. 

Two new programs we’ll be launching soon will require philanthropic support as well:

  • Residential Treatment for Pregnant and Postpartum Women: Gives pregnant and postpartum women an opportunity to remain with their children while receiving treatment for substance use disorder and mental illness. Women will receive the full continuum of care, including counseling, medication-assisted treatment, and recovery services.
  • Mobile Community Care: Designed to literally meet community members where they are, this program will travel to areas of high need in Newark to provide FDA-approved medications for substance use disorder, harm reduction resources, and recovery services while connecting individuals to other essential services such as primary care and mental health services.

This season of giving, please consider Integrity House and the needs of the individuals and families that we serve.  Your contributions – whether dedicated to one of the programs above or given to the organization to use where the need is most acute – will truly make a difference and help us in our life-saving mission.

Happy holidays, and may the joy of helping others increase your happiness this holiday season!

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