Integrity House

About Integrity House

Since 1968, Integrity House has helped tens of thousands of men, women and adolescents reclaim and rebuild their lives from the destruction caused by the disease of addiction.

At Integrity House, we’re committed to helping individuals and families through comprehensive, integrated addictions treatment and recovery support in a manner that brings about positive, long-term lifestyle change. Our CARF accredited highly effective treatment community believes in a client-centered, holistic approach, offering integrated services and a full continuum of care for addressing substance use disorders. Caring and qualified staff assess individual needs throughout the process, allowing placement in flexible programs that best fit our clients’ needs.

Our robust outpatient, residential and supportive housing offerings, complemented with ongoing prevention and education services, offer our clients a path to sustainable sobriety.

As one of the largest non-profit treatment providers licensed by the State of New Jersey, we offer affordable, evidence-based care. We continue to stay true to our roots by serving a diverse population, serving both the insured and uninsured.


In the mid-60’s, David H. Kerr, a parole officer in Newark, recognized the need for a support system to help the many individuals struggling with substance abuse on his caseload. For three years, he researched the disease of drug addiction and interventions in the form of treatment. Dave started his own support system rather than relying on others to provide the services to meet the needs of his parolees. One-on-one discussions would lead to group counseling sessions and eventually to the development of a social club.

The social club grew so large that it could no longer meet in backyards and garages. In 1968, the club moved to a Belleville storefront to continue its sessions. Richard Grossklaus began his work at the club by securing a more permanent site for the club’s activities. Because rental properties were abundant, following the 1967 riots, his search would begin in Newark.

Founder, David Kerr and co-founder, Richard Grossklaus gave up their jobs to work with substance users without compensation. In August of 1968, the social club incorporated as Integrity, Inc. – the name Integrity, meaning oneness, honesty or unity.

From its humble beginnings, Integrity House has expanded into one of the largest non-profit providers of substance abuse treatment services licensed by the State of New Jersey. It continues to fulfill its mission-based responsibility to rebuild lives, families, and communities by addressing the wide-ranging needs of persons caught in the complex web of addiction. Each year Integrity House assists over 2,700 individuals in their recovery.