Outpatient Services


The Outpatient program is the third phase of treatment. It began in 1972 and offers support and guidance to those who no longer need a residential environment. Clients must continue drug free, maintain a residence and employment and/or attend an educational program.

Additionally, because of demand for long-term residential treatment beds that cannot be accessed immediately, Integrity House places these clients in Outpatient care until a bed is available. Referrals are received from various social service and criminal justice agencies.

Newark Partial Care, Intesive Outpatient/Outpatient Treatment

Maximum Population: 33
Counselor to member ratio: 1:20

Program Hours:
Partial Care – 8am-12pm (adult men)
Intensive Outpatient/Outpatient – 8am-12pm (adult men) & 6pm-9pm (adult men/women)

Program Location: 26 Longworth Street Newark, NJ

Director: Diane Horton 973.639.6920

Admissions Counselor: Karen Morrison 973.642.5890

Secaucus Intensive Outpatient/Outpatient

Program Hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
6pm – 9pm

Program Location: 595 County Avenue Secaucus, NJ

Program Director: Clarissa D’Ambra¬† 201.583.7102

Admissions Counselor: Syreeta Bratton 201.617.2764

Federal Probation

Started in 1985, the Federal Probation Program provides substance abuse diagnostic and treatment services for persons referred from US Probation, US Pre-trial Services and US Bureau of Prisons.

Average Population: 75
Counselor to member ratio: 1:15

Director: Nicole Drake (973) 645-0907