Hudson County Correctional Center

Integrity House Program at the Hudson County Correctional Center

PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY: To provide an effective and measurable system of comprehensive Therapeutic Community, addiction treatment, and recovery support to all that request help.  We help to instill a sense of hope and encourage our clients to set goals for themselves and set out to accomplish them.

PROGRAM GOAL: To provide enhanced services to incarcerated adults with substance use disorders residing in the Hudson County Correctional Center.


Offer our program members a loving environment

Offer the highest quality and most cost effective care and treatment services

Effect positive, demonstrable, measurable, and sustained member outcomes with minimal relapse rates

Create a professional learning environment that establishes and inspires personal development, commitment, and community service to others

Provide a desirable and challenging working environment that fosters productivity, pride in service, and accomplishment.

Demonstrate responsible and caring corporate citizenship

Continue on the cutting edge of addictions MIS and other information technologies

Strive to become a model program that creates replicable techniques for substance abuse treatment


While attending the Adult Residential HCCC Program, clients will receive a variety of recovery oriented services, designed to keep clients drug free while at the same time familiarizing themselves with all aspects of Therapeutic Community treatment.  These services include, but are not limited to:

Individual counseling sessions with their assigned primary counselor

Our clients partake in a variety of Therapeutic Community groups which include:

Relapse Prevention

Anger Management

Personal Issues

Domestic Violence and Trauma (Seeking Safety)

Grief and Loss

Encounter/ Conflict Resolution

Parenting Skills

Life Skills

Self Esteem Building

Addiction Education

NA/AA meetings and 12 steps

Urine testing conducted on site to monitor for possible drug use

Referrals for financial and housing needs

Referrals for educational assistance- schooling/ GED classes

Referrals for employment/ training and job placement services through DVR

Continuing care planning services (including release planning)

Assessment for Co-Occurring disorders

Case management with HCCC Social Worker and Parole

The Adult Residential HCCC program services adult substance abusers.  Other populations serviced by the Adult Residential HCCC Program are: MICA clients, HIV clients, Parole/Probation clients and Bi-lingual clients.  The Adult Residential HCCC Program services anyone regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual preference, and cultural or ethnic background, or handicap.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Services are available Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00PM


Client must be an alcohol and/or substance abuser

Client must be 18 years of age or older

Client must be a female

Client can be English or Spanish Speaking


Linda Hall, MSW, LCSW

Associate Director

Carlos Navas

Associate Director

Phone: 201 395-5600  Fax:  201 395-5637

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